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Benjamin Woodroffe

International Consultancy

Raphaëlle Mueller, Photographer

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"Australian artists seem to succeed in spite of all the challenges thrown at us – and it should come as no surprise that at an event that celebrates innovation and creative thinking, the Australian contingent do us all damn proud. Indeed one of the best sessions of the entire conference was Geoffrey John Davies (CEO & Founder, The Violin Channel) and Benjamin Woodroffe (Cultural Consultancy) discussing the digital concert, and the role of streamed videos and livestreamed performances post-pandemic – one of the rare sessions where someone could genuinely say they had learned something. ... both Davies and Woodroffe make excellent points – Woodroffe pointing out that, “Digital concerts are about narrative and storytelling; live concerts are about the actual performance”, and Davies observing that an artist’s online portfolio has well and truly usurped the Carnegie Hall debut as the most important marketing tool of the 21st century."


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